Update on our product range

  • Our Hair Conditioner

We have added a hair conditioner which makes your hair feel wonderfully soft and shinny. We have also given our soap our brand stamp, which was fun to make and looks totally rad!  You can find our products now in Beaufort at a brilliant shop called  ” Bloomin Fresh Stuff”
16 Lawrence St, Beaufort VIC 3373  https://g.co/kgs/ZAdFvg


3 thoughts on “Update on our product range”

    1. Tanya ……. Such a long way from producing school semester reports in P7 (or was it P9??)
      Hope you are well. I am looking forward to ‘retirement’ at the end of 2017…. not quite sure what that will mean for me? Exciting just contemplating options!
      Take care,

      1. Hey Irene, nice surprise good to hear your looking forward to retiring it certainly can be quite a buzz:)
        nothing like the coal face ha ha! Hope you are well all the best
        cheers Tanya

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