Where to get our Body Products

  • Body spays, Natur and Ester. Naked Olive Whip and Hippy Hemp Whip creams.

Many thanks to all our customers for their support we are now taking a break from the market so we can get our pruning, planting, fencing, and the list goes on !!! For those of you who wish to purchase our body products, we have two out lets one is in Beaufort the shop is called ‘Bloomin Fresh Stuff”Address16 Lawrence St, Beaufort VIC 3373 and the other is” Meredith roadhouse” Address:  26 Wallace St, Meredith VIC 3333,  phone: (03) 5286 1556. Or you can email us we can do local deliveries too.


2 thoughts on “Where to get our Body Products”

  1. Hi, was hoping to see you at the Lake Wendouree Market today. Really like your shampoo and was wondering if I could get it in Ballarat??

    1. Hi Colleen, we can drop some off this week I am going into Ballarat on Tuesday and Thursday if that suits
      just let me know which day, time and place you would like to meet.
      Cheers Tanya

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