Activating Nuts

  • Packet of almonds
The reason nuts are soaked in salty water is because the salt acts to awaken enzymes that are then able to break down and neutralise enzyme inhibitors.  This is different to grains and legumes, which are soaked in an acidic medium (either vinegar, whey or lemon juice), as it is required to remove the high levels of phytic acid that naturally occur in these foods. As nuts do not have a lot of phytic acid, but instead high levels of enzyme inhibitors, a different soaking method is necessary.

Soaking the nuts and seeds deactivates the enzyme inhibitors that prevent them from sprouting, as well as removes any phytic acid present. Therefore, after soaking there may be evidence that your nuts/seeds have started sprouting. This is perfect, as all sprouted foods have become ‘alive’ again, and are able to be easily digested by our digestive systems, and their nutrients assimilated. Continue reading “Activating Nuts”