Yes we will be at this weeks market!

  • Delightful body spray in two fragrances

Yes we will be at Lake Wendouree Market on Saturday, come along to stock up on Damson Paste, Apple Jelly, Apple Fruit Leathers,Dried D’Agen Prunes. And restock on Naked Olive soap, shampoo, conditioner, body spray and cream. For those of you suffering from winter aches try our Hippy Hemp Whip ,it does wonders 🙂

Winter Solstice Celebration

  • Looking for fungi

To celebrate the winter Solstice we have a new product, a body spray to inspire and invigorate your spirit, Natur and Ester come and try it at this saturday’s Lake Wendouree market.Also our gentle handmade soap, Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturising cream and famous Hippy Hemp cream for your aches and pains.  We have picked the last of our apples, Granny Smith and Lady William and yes our famous Damson paste, heritage apple leathers and dried herbs, see you there:)

Market day 22nd of April 2017

  • Beautiful Cripps pink apples just ripe for the picking

We shall be at the market this saturday come rain or hail;0 the apples we will have are cripps pink, so sweet and juice dripping!!! Try our delicious Damson paste, kingbilly and wild blackberry jam, bottled king billy plums , dried D’Agen ,Apple leathers, and of course our gentle handmade soap,hair shampoo, conditioner and brilliant Naked olive whip and Hippy Hemp whip. See you there

Apples, lots of delicious Apples

We are picking and bringing to the market this week, Cripps Pink, Jonagold, and cox’s orange pippin, hope to see you at Lake Wendouree this Saturday. Plus our damson paste, sun dried D’Agen prunes, Apple Leathers, King Billy and Wild Black Berry Jam .

Body Care Products , olive oil soap, Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Olive oil Whip cream and Hippy Hemp Whip cream , look forward to seeing you there !

Great DAY at the Market

  • Prune D'Agen trees, Jan 2017

Big Thanks to all who came to the market on saturday, we sold all our Gravenstein apples, Fresh prune D’Agen and Robe de Sargent prunes.

And of course our Damson paste, and King Billy jam.

So now its on to the drying of the prunes and waiting for the Cox’s Orange Pippin, Gala and maybe a few johnathan’s for the next market at the end of March.

Our first market for the year.

  • Washing our damsons only another 50kgs to go!!!!

We have had a good start to the year, busy picking plums, making jam, paste, and bottling its been full on you could say. We will be at the Lake Wendouree market this Saturday 25th of Feb 2017, selling, Gravenstein apples, Robe de sargent prunes, D’Agen prunes, Damson paste, King Billy and Wild Blackberry Jam and bottled King Billy Plums. And as well our range of soap, hair shampoo/conditioner and creams! And more….. Hope you can make it look forward to seeing everyone