Update on our product range

  • Our Hair Conditioner

We have added a hair conditioner which makes your hair feel wonderfully soft and shinny. We have also given our soap our brand stamp, which was fun to make and looks totally rad!  You can find our products now in Beaufort at a brilliant shop called  ” Bloomin Fresh Stuff”
16 Lawrence St, Beaufort VIC 3373  https://g.co/kgs/ZAdFvg


The year of the rooster 2017

  • Our first medlar fruit

We have been busy working on the farm, pruning ,cutting grass, netting and making sure we are ready for the fire season by installing sprinklers on the roof and gravel around the house as a fire break. Now we are hoping for a little more rain to water the orchard. Continue reading “The year of the rooster 2017”

Native Spring Flowers 2016

  • Our front dam only half a meter to go and it will be full, have not seen this for at least ten years.

We went out walking today in the forest and saw some beautiful Australian native spring flowers. The rain has stimulated quite a few .

Always exciting when you discover them, they are so small and delicate.