Spring 2017

  • Prune D'Argen flowering

Finally spring has arrived, our orchard is starting to flower, prunes,plums, quinces, cherries and almonds are all out in bloom. We went for a walk  along the creek and found the natives flowering too.

Where to get our Body Products

  • Body spays, Natur and Ester. Naked Olive Whip and Hippy Hemp Whip creams.

Many thanks to all our customers for their support we are now taking a break from the market so we can get our pruning, planting, fencing, and the list goes on !!! For those of you who wish to purchase our body products, we have two out lets one is in Beaufort the shop is called ‘Bloomin Fresh Stuff”Address16 Lawrence St, Beaufort VIC 3373 and the other is” Meredith roadhouse” Address:  26 Wallace St, Meredith VIC 3333,  phone: (03) 5286 1556. Or you can email us we can do local deliveries too.


Winter Solstice Celebration

  • Looking for fungi

To celebrate the winter Solstice we have a new product, a body spray to inspire and invigorate your spirit, Natur and Ester come and try it at this saturday’s Lake Wendouree market.Also our gentle handmade soap, Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturising cream and famous Hippy Hemp cream for your aches and pains.  We have picked the last of our apples, Granny Smith and Lady William and yes our famous Damson paste, heritage apple leathers and dried herbs, see you there:)

Summer 2017

  • Sunflowers in the vegie patch

We have had a good start to the season, with our first harvest of clingstone peaches which everyone loved. Then we picked our damsons so many on the tree it took two of us an entire day to pick them all and now we have about 50 kgs to cook and clean , from which we are making damson butter! We also had about 20kgs of King Billy plums some we have put together with the wild blackberries and some we shall bottle for the Lake Wendouree market on the 25th Feb .

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Donald has Aspirations



  • And so the story begins

A bit of fun with some familiar names from the US.

Check out how Donald fares as life changes around him

Yes we will be at the market this saturday!



  • Golden Marmalade Jelly

We have some amazing marmalade, Golden cumquat, Valencia orange ,Golden marmalade jelly ,also Apricot and vanilla bean jam. Our special this week is freshly picked Rocket, check out the recipe tag to see how we use it. We will have handmade soap, Naked olive whip and Hippy hemp creams , Fresh herbs and dried Bay leaves perfect for soups and curries.

It’s time to get those chickens!

  • Our next project, chook house and yes we have four girls, isa browns .

How amazing are chickens we picked them up put them in their new home and what did they do, you guessed it lay an egg and just carry on like normal. Got to love the girls!