It’s time to get those chickens!

  • Our next project, chook house and yes we have four girls, isa browns .

How amazing are chickens we picked them up put them in their new home and what did they do, you guessed it lay an egg and just carry on like normal. Got to love the girls!

Market Saturday 25th Lake Wendouree

  • Before picking today, lovely tree so many apples

This weekend we will be at the Lake Wendouree Market with the last of our apples,”Lady Williams”, we will also have Marmalade, Apricot and vanilla bean jam that we have made ,honey from our bees as well as our handmade soaps and creams. Hope you can find us there.

Market Day

We have picked some Lady Williams apples for this weeks smart living market, we also have fresh honey, damson jam, apple jellies, apple  apricot and vanilla jam, fruit leathers, fresh and dried herbs, as well as our handmade soap, shampoo and creams!IMGP1143

9am-1pm Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree,

See you there.  Saturday 28th May.


Some watercolours I produced as an in depth look at colour and its qualities.

  • Seeing beyond 1

Steiner: “The effects of colour are extremely important … Colours which appear transparent (as in coloured windows) are again different from the colour which is on a wall we cannot see through.