Fire at Durham Lead

We experienced the terror of a fire at our door step for the first time in our lives and hopefully the last. This is a story of one of the people who were not so lucky, our heart goes out to them!

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Quote from The Age, “The road was scorched also, and there at the end of it was their house, the roof collapsed and chimney exposed, tree trunks smouldering – a home razed and ruined in one afternoon.

Mr Donovan has lived there three years, having searched all over Victoria – for four years – for this perfect parcel of land. It was self-sufficient, with solar-power, two water tanks, two dams, five chooks (now dead), and a veggie patch with broad beans just starting to sprout.

“This was my dream,” he said. “I’ve lost everything.”

The couple had come to a community meeting – along with more than 300 others – at Buninyong Town Hall to hear what had happened, and was still happening.

Incident controller Jon Rofe confirmed that a number of homes had been lost, but could not say how many until a full assessment was complete.

“This is the really sad part of a bushfire,” he said. “We’ve had some pretty horrible fire weather over the past couple of days, and we’re not through it yet.”

The fire started on Saturday in Scotsburn and ran south quickly, Mr Rofe said, with support from a hot northerly breeze.

It zig-zagged throughout the day and night, and was still classified as “going” at midday on Sunday.

Along with homes and sheds, the Scotsburn blaze consumed cars, tractors, trailers, fences, chook yards and more.

More than 300 firefighters were deployed, along with 12 aircraft, including a DC-10 from Sydney and airtankers from Canberra. Bulldozers worked on properties to create “earth breaks”, while crews battled spot fires.

Ballarat police senior sergeant Pete Carey warned the crowd at the community meeting to “resist the temptation to go home and have a look”.

Quote above from the Age News Paper .