Our Story

We started our dream 30 years ago, setting up the orchard with a variety of apples, plums, damsons cherries,pears and bees. As time has gone on we have added fruit trees so that in the home orchard we have 30 fruit trees mostly heritage apples.

In 2014 we planted 250 Prune de Agen trees, first we contour ripped the slope, block facing north, then liming , we marked out the planting rows and began the digging of the holes, which proved to be a bigger job than we had thought, so we were lucky to manage to engage one of our sons who was brilliant at digging holes without him we would still be out digging!

The prunes are coming along, we have since added , Robede Sargent, Damson plums, Satsuma plums, and some other heritage plums.

All the fruit trees had a very tough year with the dry weather, luckily we have a dam and were able to water to keep them going. The soil was treated with 500 last year and this year we also put out the biodynamic soil activator to give our soil a healthy boost and hopefully encourage some rain.

Amazing the rain has come just in time we have been busy in the vegie patch, planting cabbages, snow peas, broad beans, bok choy, kale, cauliflower, rocket, radishes, lettuce, onions, leeks and chard.  So now we sit back and wait !

Inside we have been cooking up the apples making apple mousse, apple cake, stuffed apples with sweet potato, apple leathers, apple jelly,  apple pie, and apple vinegar.