Using Biodynamics

Horn burial and Biodynamic Paste time

Horn burial
We at BAA headquarters, 25 Nobles Lane, Bellingen are commencing the season’s burial of cow horns on Monday 2nd May. We will be working at this each day from Monday to Thursday in the following weeks until our 12,000 horns are interred. We would dearly love volunteers to come and help with making this vital soil preparation for healing and reviving a dying Earth.
Please call the office on 02 6655 0566 if you are able to assist. Morning tea and convivial conversation will be offered!

Biodynamic Paste
Albie and Alan have just made a 500 kg batch of Biodynamic Paste which is packed in 1.25 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg pails awaiting your orders. Treat your shrubs, roses, vines, fruiting and ornamental trees to this amazing balm which heals, nourishes and protects. It is also an amazing root dip, diluted, when transplanting